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  • 100% Ankara cotton: Available in kid & adult sizes. Reusable dual layered cotton, built-in nose wire and adjustable ear loops. (adjustable ear loops available in adult size only)
  • 100% cotton (w/ filter pocket): Available in our ’Panther’ style only. Reusable dual layered cotton, built-in filter pocket and adjustable ear loops. 2-pack disposable filters included per mask.
  • KN95: Disposable, 5 filter layers, built-in nose wire and elastic ear loops. Up to 5 uses per mask.
Reduces exposure to:
1. Dust
2. Air pollution
3. Airborne contaminated particles
4. Respiratory secretion between others in proximity
5. Also, prevent hands from touching face
Our face masks are non-medical grade and not a substitution for the N95 face masks.
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