COVID-19 Update | Global Next Day Shipping Mon-Sat*

COVID-19 Update


*Shipping Update:

//Although we offer next day shipping (Mon-Sat; excluding holidays), shipping delays may occur due to the global pandemic and/or inclement weather. Shipping carriers are experiencing high volume and back log due to increase in online shopping, reduced staff, social distancing practices and any other organization safety precautions they have enforced. 

//While some orders deliver on-time, others can take weeks or even up to 30+ days for international orders. Once a package is confirmed, accepted or in transit with the shipping carrier, we are not responsible for guaranteed on-time delivery.

*In the event of inclement weather impacting the Northeast, please allow an additional 1-3 business days for your order to ship.

//We kindly ask you to please consider the above prior to placing orders with us or when tracking your package(s). Thank you again for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.