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Our Story

Wraps Adorn® was officially founded in October 2017 by Crystal Folkes, a Brooklyn NY native. In 2015, Crystal was introduced to head wraps while searching for inspiration on how to style her locs. After Crystal styled her first head wrap, she experienced an instant feeling of allure, yet poise and it was that magical moment that sparked it all! During that time, Crystal's personal wrap collection exceeded 100+ wraps!
Crystal's mother, Kathleen Folkes, a professional seamstress back in the '60s, taught her how to sew in her early adolescence. Although it was not a factory industrial sewing machine like her mom once used, the lessons began with a portable sewing machine at the kitchen table in her Brooklyn childhood home, where mama Folkes still resides.
With her sewing skill, unforeseen passion for wraps and encouragement from her best friend/brother, Zachary Folkes, Crystal decided to start a wrap business, which in turn created a seat at her own table! While dedicated on building her brand and working full-time in Corporate America, Crystal successfully brought her vision to life with an on-time launch in May 2018. Just after her first year of operation, Crystal was able to expand her brand from wraps only to offering a variety of hand made hair adornments such as bonnets, headbands, bandanas, scrunchies and more!
From a mix of afrocentric, classy and casual, we carry treats for the entire family. Whether it’s to enhance your wardrobe, lounge in the house or an essential to your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.
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“If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change? Make some.” - Courtney C. Stevens


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